We're so happy to meet you!

We're Olivia and Anthony, husband and wife wedding photographers from Greenville SC. We have been shooting weddings since 2007 all over the Southeast!

Our style is modern photojournalism. We love capturing those moments that will never happen the same way again. Our clients often tell us "you're everywhere, but nowhere, all at once".

We truly love everything about wedding photography. But not just the photography, we love weddings. We both very well may cry at yours...and usually do. We want you to be happy and will do whatever it takes to make sure that happens. We'll probably even have you over for dinner to reveal your photographs for the first time.

We fell in love in 2001 and married in 2005. We have two boys, Thomas 18, and Asher 11.


Fun facts about Olivia:

  • Her nickname is Fun Facts...she knows something about almost anything
  • She's eaten a slice of cake at every wedding and will continue to...unless you ask her not to
  • She has an obsession with fungi, and will tell you all about it...if you dare to ask
  • She dreamed of being a professional soccer player
  • She deeply regrets stabbing her baby sister in the eye with a mechanical pencil from a happy meal (whose idea was that back in 1986?)

Fun facts about Anthony:

  • His favorite "color" is paisley
  • Depending on his mood when asked, his favorite album is Forever Changes by Love, or Priest = Aura by The Church
  • His band portraits and concert photography has been published in magazines, books, websites, CDs, tour programs, and posters
  • The first photos he shot after buying his first SLR in 1997, were published in a CD booklet
  • For years, he used to drive to Atlanta to get his hair cut...having kids put an end to that
  • He's often told he looks like David Bowie or Robert Redford...he's ok with both